Ice Fishing in Alaska

Winter is upon us and it is easy to get trapped inside the house. It is cold, it is snowing and there is nothing to do outside, or isn’t it? You are a hardcore fisherman who likes being out, who feels suffocated if you spend too much time between four walls. Well, but what to do in this cold weather? Is there anything fun for a true, hardcore Alaskan fisherman during winter? Of course there is! And the answer is ice fishing in Alaska! Ice fishing in Alaska is the perfect activity for a hardcore fisherman to do his hobby in the winter. Imagine the joy you may bring home if you prepare fresh fish for diner. Fresh fish!? In the winter!? Yes, even though lakes and rivers freeze in the winter, you can catch fish in some of them.

You can look and book your ice fishing in Alaska on Some fishermen, licensed fishing guides and hardcore Alaskan fishermen like you, created their profile on . Choose the location closest to you to avoid long drive on winter Alaskan roads. Even though Alaska Department of Transportation and The State of Alaska do a good job maintaining the Alaskan winter roads, getting stuck on the road will definitely not be worth your Alaskan ice fishing adventure. Fare warning though – ice fishing in Alaska is… freezing cold. You definitely need the right gear to go out and ice fish.

The temperature can drop below zero Fahrenheit. I recommend you get a tent which will keep you from the wind and you can set up a little portable gas heater inside. Stop by Cabela’s Anchorage, Alaska to get everything you need for your ice fishing trip. And I assume that the following advice will be totally unnecessary since you already know it, but I have to write it here as a reminder: Do not drink! Drinking in cold weather will give you the warm feeling but only temporary. Your body wastes energy on breaking down alcohol than on keeping its normal temperature. Ice fishing in Alaska is not your summer fishing by the lake. Use sound mind, have fun and bring some fresh fish for dinner.