Kodiak Island Brown Bear Hunting Alaska

Brown bear hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska in the fall is definitely for those hunters who consider themselves pros. The terrain, temperatures during fall hunting season and the nature and habits of a bear makes brown bear hunting in Kodiak, Alaska a challenging task. I had a chance to interview a hunting guide to get first-hand information on bear hunting in Alaska. The hunting guide’s name is Tyler Kuhn and I found him on www.fishnhuntbooking.com.

So here is what Tyler said about brown bear hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska: “I was out there with two more hunters. On our hunt, we saw a few bears one of which we projected to be around 9'8". All of the bears had climbed to high to get to in the short window of sunlight we had every day. Also the cold weather we got in the low 20's seem to have driven the bears up to start digging dens for the winter. Both sows with cubs and big boars had been seen in the mountain tops. Seen plenty of mountain goats but sadly the Sitka Black tail deer here in that part of Kodiak got hit with a large snow storm according to the local biologists which dropped the deer herd considerably in my hunting area. I will be returning for Spring bear in mid April”.

From my interview with Tyler, I sensed how passionate he was about bear hunting in Kodiak, Alaska. Even though Tyler and his hunting buddies had to overcome some challenges and obstacles, they were all happy from the hunt at the end. The hunting group was able to shoot one bear while hunting in Alaska. The bear was 7’9” and Tyler has a picture of the harvest bear on his Facebook page. If you want to hunt brown bear in Alaska and have the same experience Tyler and his friends had you can book a brown bear hunting trip on www.fishnhuntbooking.com/hunting-trip?jcruisereservation_type=3