Mountain Goat Hunting in Alaska

Alaska offers variety of hunting trips throughout the year. One of the exciting hunts in Alaska is mountain goat hunting. Brooks Range, Alaska is a home of many mountain goats; but of course you can hunt mountain goats pretty much everywhere in south-central Alaska. Needless to say you should not hunt around residential areas. Hunting mountain goats in Alaska is very interesting because goats are tricky and hard to catch. Even though they are easy to spot, many times they are sitting at a spot which is difficult to reach on foot. Yes, with a good rifle you can take a mountain goat down from a distance, but will it be easy to reach the location where it felt down? The terrain is challenging. You definitely need a hunting guide not only to show you the tips and trick of mountain goat hunting in Alaska, but also, because of safety and security reasons. How do I find such a hunting guide who has a good understanding of Alaskan mountain terrains, and has a good knowledge, and of course instincts, of how to hunt for mountain goats? The answer is only one and the solution is literally as easy as clicking a button. You can simply visit and search for mountain goats Alaska in the search calendar. Spaces are limited and of course good hunting guides are limited too so book as early as you can! Alaska is separated into different hunting ground units and depending on the location of the hunting unit, you can hunt for mountain goats at a specific for the hunting unit time of the year. You can easily find out what times of the year you can hunt for mountain goats at a specific unit by visiting Alaska Department of Fish and Game official website or click: to find out more. Be well prepared – carry not only the right gun, but also the right outfit (boots and clothing). Enjoy your next hunting adventure in Alaska and have a great mountain goat harvest.