Fishing and Hunting in Alaska – Once in a Lifetime Experience

Alyeska, or The Great Land as the Eskimo natives called it, is a territory in North America which is as big as half of Europe. Even though the 49th state of United States is so big, there are only about 1 million people living there. Keeping these facts in mind, you can imagine the pristine Nature and the wilderness of this American territory. Wildlife in Alaska is abundant. There are many species that live or migrate to Alaska. Fishing and hunting is allowed in the state which makes things more interesting and fun and definitely make you trip to Alaska worth. The best time of the year to visit Alaska and to do some fishing is during the summer months. There are many wilderness lodges that offer packages of accommodation with fishing and hunting. And when I say a wilderness lodge I mean a lodge in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a place where you can only reach by a float plane or a private boat. Imagine yourself in a place like this, surrounded only by Nature, peace and tranquility. Top the overall experience with fresh meat from your catch either fish (salmon, halibut, lincod or rockfish) or meat (mostly deer in the summer months) and some fresh berries you just picked yourself and you will understand why I say that visiting Alaska for fishing and hunting is once in a lifetime experience. I can keep writing how beautiful the Nature of Alaska is, but I will still not get even close to reality. The best way to experience it is to book a fishing and hunting trip for one of these wilderness lodges and experience the majestic Great Land. You can book your dream, once-in-a-lifetime fishing and hunting trip in Alaska on The website will also help you find some useful information on fishing and hunting rules and regulations. If you plan your vacation towards the end of September, you might even have the chance to see the breathtaking Northern Lights. Well, this is Alaska in a nutshell. Experience it!