Your Dream Vacation is in Alaska

Alaska is a great place to visit and definitely should be on anyone’s bucket list. Even though most of the tourists come during summer months, Alaska is beautiful in the winter too. There are many Asian travelers who visit the Great State in the winter because of the Northern Lights. The beauty of Alaska is represented by its nature and wildlife. The pristine, untouched Nature will welcome you on your next vacation trip. Imagine yourself by a lake or a river, or even in a camp on the beach, and nobody around you. The only “neighbors” you may have could be a moose, a bear, a dull sheep, or an orca if you are close to the ocean. Isolated from the rest of the World and surrounded by flowers, berries and waterfalls from melting snow that is coming down the mountain, you can enjoy an activity or two if you get bored. You can hike beautiful trails, you can fish or kayak. Fishing is big in Alaska. Salmon run is great during the summer months. You can also fish for halibut, rockfish, lingcod and trout in Alaska. Fishing in Alaska could be as simple as stretching a rod over a river bank or a lake shore or as challenging as pulling a 200-pound halibut from the bottom of the ocean. You choose your fishing experience, but you can find the best fishing guides, if you want to book one, on Besides fishing, you can hunt or go on one of those glacier viewing tours. I am not sure which the best glacier tour is, but I can recommend a good hunting guide on   Yes, it is convenient because you can book you fishing and hunting trip in Alaska from one website. So why is Alaska the place of my dream vacation you may ask? Well because of all the things I just described; and you can do all those things in one place and this place is Alaska