Steps To Book A Fishing Charter In Alaska

Step One: Know your fish! The first step is to know the fish that can be caught in Alaska. And believe me, the variety is great! Fresh or salt water fishing, you can find both in Alaska. Visit the Facebook Page   page of to learn about all the fish that runs through Alaska. I saw a great post on this topic on their Facebook wall.

Step Two: Needless to say, plan your fishing charter trip to Alaska during the time of the desired fish run! The best fish run is during the summer months – May through September. It is better to plan and book ahead because fishing charters, hotels and airplane tickets sell fast in the summer.

Step Three: Shop around and book a fishing charter in Alaska that best fits your desired holiday time! You can spend hours of looking for the best deal on fishing charters in Alaska, or you can simply visit:  to look at a variety of fishing trips and to book the fishing charter in Alaska that is right for you. Keep in mind that you can make your next fishing trip to Alaska much more fun, exciting and adventurous, by booking a fishing charter out of one of those remote fishing lodges in Alaska.

Step Four: Sell your fishing trip idea to your friends! I wish I could give you a tip of how to get under you friends’ skin to persuade then to come with you on a fishing charter in Alaska, but you know your friends the best and the way to get to them. All I can say is that fishing in Alaska is more fun with friends.

Step Five: Pack warm clothes, a rain jacket and rubber boots! Your fishing charter host, or boat captain, will provide the rest, the necessary fishing gear.

Step Six: Enjoy you Alaskan fishing charter, preferably with a buddy, have fun and comply with all safety procedures and fishing laws.