Fishing Destinations In Alaska

Alyeska, as Native Eskimo calls it, or Alaska, The Great Land is 663,300 sqaure miles. This Great Land is fishing haven. So, where do you fish if Alaska is so big? You can find the answer of this question and book your next fishing trip on 

Techincally, you can fish from the furthest North point, which is Barrow, all the way down South to Sitka and Juneau. Natives fish, or hunt, for Bowhead and Beluga whales in the Arctic ocean. Salmon, halibut, lingcod and rockfish is in abundance in the Pacific Ocean up North off of Alaska shores. Fish runs in many rivers and lakes in inerior Alaska. And for those who are up to the challenge, ice fishing would be a great time. And yes, simply because we are talking about Alaska, do not think you can ice-fish all year long. Most of the lakes will not be frozen well until November. Let's not forget about fishing for King crab. Bottom line, if you are an avid fisherman, Alaska is the spot for you. You can fish pretty much all year long in Alaska. You can book a fishing charter out of the most popular fishing towns in Alaska which are Seward, Homer, Kenai and Valdez. Other great fishing towns to reserve your next fishing trip are Sitka, Skagway, Ninilchik, King Salmon, Cordova and Ketchikan. The largest halibut ever caught out of the shores of Alaska was out of Gustavus. If you are interested in booking a halibut fishing charter, i think you should reach out to the fishing charters in Gustavus, Alaska. Take a shot at the record 482-pound halibut monster. 

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